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                          , Inc is a 501(c) 3 organization with a primary focus for anyone to promote good savings behavior among individuals nationwide, and a large aspect of this promotion is building awareness and providing education. In order for individuals to increase savings and begin to build a strong financial foundation we must first provide them with access to reliable tools and resources and train the professionals who help to educate and mold their financial foundation. Our organization is helping to lead the charge in the field of financial literacy and financial education through the tools and resources that we provide.


We are creating a movement which is called "                        " This means to speak your truth and live freely. 

Our Team.

                                   was founded by Dr. Anj and TALK2EM Jay. A team of Financial Experts, dedicated to bringing the necessary tools and resources to today's youth in an effort increase their access to financial freedom and to achieve a bright future by building financial wealth.   

"Financial literacy is an essential part of knowing how to avoid financial mistakes and devising plans for a secure and strong financial future."

Tim Pawlenty, the CEO Financial Services Round Table

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal is to help our youth and communities grow in financial education with strong measures of important skills and dispositions that cut across academic achievement and other distal youth outcomes like risk behavior, mental health and employment. We also hope to encourage the development of additional measures in areas where our review reveals gaps. In a time of increasing pressure on programs to improve policy-relevant outcomes, we want to facilitate access to good measurement tools. This can help advance the out-of-school time (OST) field and facilitate collaboration among practitioners working toward common goals, both in school and out. 


Our Vision

To provide our youth a pathway to financial freedom through financial literacy and financial education that will empower them to make informed financial decisions for their future. 

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